About us

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vzw de Biehal is a versatile company that offers tailor-made services involving recycling shops, ground-keeping and hospitality. 

We prioritise social employment
De Biehal offers employment, support and a brighter future to over 250 people who, for whatever reason, have limited opportunities in the regular labour market. We aim to offer employment opportunities to as many vulnerable groups as possible, particularly when it comes to people in poverty. That is why we focus on people who are in long-term unemployment, early school leavers, people who receive welfare benefits and people with psycho-social issues. 

Thanks to 25 years’ experience, our talented team is able to find jobs that are in keeping with people's capabilities. We are active in Limburg as well as the Kempen region of Antwerp.

 Our mission and vision is based on 5 core values, which have been explained below:

  • Work
    De Biehal STC/LDE believes finding tailor-made employment opportunities is one of its most important tasks. We offer individual assistance so people who encounter difficulties in the labour market can find work and develop their competencies. Our wide range of services is what makes us effective. This means we can take into account the interests of the people we employ. We work together to find the best way to fully develop talents and capacities within one of our clusters: Kring (recycling), Hospitality or Green. By developing competencies, we want to help people to either flow into the regular labour market or improve the quality of their work.
  • People
    We place great emphasis on compassion, respect and appreciation. In this case, our main concern is well-being in the workplace. We are able to achieve this by striving for flexibility and diversity. We always bear in mind each person's social background and personal identity. A positive atmosphere and appreciation in the workplace are the foundations for effective collaboration. 
  • Poverty
    We do our best to combat poverty On the one hand, we do this via employment. After all, work can serve as a catalyst for welfare and well-being. On the other hand, we offer affordable goods and services. In order to continue guaranteeing employment opportunities, we do not lose sight of profitability. That is why we offer high quality goods and services to as many people as possible. And high customer satisfaction is important when doing so.
  • Environment
    We help to create a greener society by reducing waste production and caring for the environment. We encourage sustainable re-use by collecting, sorting and recycling reusable goods. We also try to find a balance between people, the environment and profitability in all our clusters.
  • Network
    We are constructing a large network. This involves trying to establish useful partnerships with external partners.

The activities of our organisation can be divided into three main clusters. Each cluster features several specific activities. This means we can employ

people with a wide range of profiles and interests, and offer tailor-made services to our customers.

Cluster Kring: 6 Kringwinkels (recycling shops), an ironing workshop, a laundrette, various sorting workshops within one sorting centre, a collection department, a moving service and a furniture storage department.

Cluster Green: ground-keeping at companies, organisations and government authorities, cultivation of biological vegetables, nature management activities, de Breughelhoeve riding stables, Handyman services and maintenance of the Limburg cycling network.

Cluster Hospitality: sandwich shop and take away Kristal, a soup kitchen, neighbourhood restaurants in Limburg and Kempen region of Antwerp, restaurant ’t Groote Verschil, sandwich shop and restaurant Bistro Apollon, the Soeptrinette (mobile soup kitchen) and catering for parties and receptions.